'It makes me quite blue' is an introspective musical and visual journey. It is a raw, and revealing insight deep into my emotional core. 

In this exploration of self, I reveal my ambivalent nature, flowing between; doubt and certainty, hope and insecurity, optimism and anxiety, enthusiasm and disappointment.

This inner conflict can be dark, and also beautiful at the same time. One feels vulnerable but also powerful, fragile but also inspired.


I found the colour blue resonated strongly for me during this process. I was enticed to explore the way that blue, in all of its diverse shades, evoked different emotions and responses.

A dark and melancholic blue, coming from the guttural depths of the soul where oppressions dominate.

A clear blue - like clear, gentle, lapping water. The blue of the sky, the blue of the ocean, the blue that opens horizons and inspires dreams and serenity.


Bathed in this state of mind, I worked within the genre of experimental pop music. The vocals are sweetly melodic, with a clean piano accompaniment, juxtaposed with a dark, dreamy electronic soundscape, and punctuated by a regular rhythm.

The video for this composition is an exploration of the sensuality discovered in this deep, blue, inner world. 

It is a visual journey into this fairytale-like world which we possess, and the darkest tendencies within that world, which sometimes, rather - possess us.