Singer songwriter, musician, producer, and professional dancer, Pierlucien (Timothée Pierre Lucien Cuny, 1993, Fr.) has always had a passion for the artistic world of music evolving from a successful background of aesthetic movement and dance. A life long dream of Pierlucien was to create his own musical universe. This strong seeded goal brought him to his first musical debut. 

Pierlucien’s first single DIGITAL LOVE deals with the different realities between the real world and
the media, where talent no longer really prevails in the music world, or in the art in
« The notoriety that we must create on networks is much more important nowadays, we
want to project an image of our life that is most of the time dissociated from reality. I
found inspiration in it, because, like many artists, I am aiming to succeed and be listened
to, and struggled a lot with the system, and so I actually thought: ‘why not having fun with
it? Take a good look at me now!’ »

Pierlucien's second single I'm a Slave 4 U is a cover from Britney Spears' big hit (2001). 

Besides the music Pierlucien is also a visual artist and creates his own videos to his
songs. He designs his own covers as well as his website
and social media accounts, giving free rein to his creativity.
At his concerts he is always interested in a physical interpretation of his music and works
regularly with dancers for his performances.